Program Development

Our team at Adelante Latino has over 20 years' combined experience in starting, developing and managing local, regional, and national initiatives and groups to work on a wide range of key issues and areas of growth for our community.

Our team recognizes the value in having the appropriate tools and strategy when introducing a program into your community, regardless of the work. A well-designed and well-run program can make the difference and ensure that you are effectively pursuing your sought out mission.

Areas of Support:

  • Program Design
  • Program Logic Models
  • Program Implementation 
  • Program Evaluation

Program Design

Rooted in community and localized efforts, our services in program design are collaborative and interactive. We work with our clients to ensure that the community they are seeking to serve and work with is a central part of the design process for any program. This allows us to secure community investment and participation from the beginning.

Program Logic Models

Logic models allow you to chart out the sought-after impact of your programs with quantitative measurement. A strong and well-reasoned matrix equates to a strong and effective program. These charts can be used to draw in funders, partners and additional community investment. Equally as important, these documents also help keep your team accountable and goal oriented during program execution. Work with us and our team will help you accurately identify the key environmental factors and programming goals to craft models that will make your work that much more impactful.

Program Implementation

Running a program successfully requires keen attention to detail during execution as well as exceptional people skills. As the period during which your mission is being carried out with your community, program implementation is where you can build the strongest and most meaningful relationships with community members and other key stakeholders in the work that you do. With Adelante Latino's support in creating and managing program implementation rubrics for your team, your work can be at it's most productive during the time that counts the most.

Program Evaluation

As you begin to work with your community, it is crucial to continuously ask yourself, "what is working and what is not?" so that you can periodically assess your technique and adjust to the needs and progress of those you are working with. As with program design, community input and participation should be a key component of the evaluation process. With our team's support, you can rest assured that your growth and continued program development will foster deeper impacts in your community as you pursue your mission and goals.

Program Development Toolkit

Check out our program development toolkit, created by our very own team.

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